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03 Mar 2020
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Rubber bumpers or often also called rubber loading dock is a pad that is used as a protective device vulnerable structures intersect with the vehicle, material handling tools, and heavy equipment.


Rubber bumpers or rubber loading dock serves as a means to prevent damage to the building structure as dampening impact, absorbing the mechanical energy generated by a collision object to the construction structure.


Rubber or rubber bumper can be mounted on a loading dock warehouse, the shuttle bus, bus and truck parking area, parking area of ​​the building, corner side on the pole and the wall and handing material to the plant area.

Installation :

We provide specialized installation services for customers loading dock rubber bumper, the installation uses Dynabolt, so that the product is easy to be removed and relocated.


Natural rubber (NR)


Our standard size is 150x110x1000mm there are three holes, and the distance between holes 400mm. Equipped with rubber plug hole as the cover bolt holes with a diameter of 30mm. As for the other dimensions can be produced according to need.

Rubber Loading Dock, or rubber bumpers used in warehouses as a means of security and protection dock.

Rubber bumpers or rubber loading dock can also be used for a shuttle bus. The standard size rubber loading dock that we produce:

1. 150x110x1000mm

2. 200x110x1000mm

3. 155x155x1000mm

4. 100x100x1000mm

5. 150x50x1000mm

6. 80x80x1000mm

7. 250x150x1000mm

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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