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Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB)
Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB)
Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB)
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03 Mar 2020
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Specification of

Concepts of an LRB


  • For an LRB, a lead plug is inserted into the center of the elastomeric bearing to absorb and scatter the horizontal energies generated during an earthquake.
  • When an earthquake occurs, an LRB can extend the natural period of a bridge and reduce the horizontal power caused by the weight. It can be a guideline to economical lower structure designs.


LRB Features


  • An LRB can resist against short-term weights such as wind power or braking load by utilizing the elastomeric stiffness of lead. It has stability against all time weights. It easily adjusts to slow displace ment such as temperature displacement and does not deliver large weights to the lower structure.
  • By using the plastic deformation property of lead, it absorbs and scatters the earthquake energy.
  • It can restore its original position after earthquakes are stopped. No additional repair or maintenance required.


LRB Behavior Features


  • An LRB is the most frequently used bearing for earthquakes.
  • From the functional perspectives of a bridge, it supports excellent design of a continuous bridge.
  • The lead molecules that experience earthquakes revert to the original molecular structure at room temperature.
  • Due to the features of lead, it has high resistivity against winds or braking load (short-term weight) to improve the usability and less temperature ability (long-term weight) is applied.
  • An LRB can improve flexibility in your design by arbitrarily adjusting the weight and reducing power for each bridge characteristic.
  • The reverting power of rebber does not generate residual displacement after an earthquake. It can successfully return the bridge to its original condition.
  • It is type of rubber bearing that can absorb the impact weight to improve the durability of a structure and suppress the noise

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