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Rubber Stopper Parking
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03 Mar 2020
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Specification of

Rubber Wheel Rubber Stopper Stop/parking lot used as security on all types of vehicles and serves as a limit of the tyres of the vehicle when parking.

We can manufacture the rubber wheel stop on request to suit your needs. Shape Rubber Wheel Stop/Rubber Stopper Parking made for easy installation on the position and size of the wheels, easy to apply with the mounting use so that it will withstand the powerful dynabolt, don't move or shift./p >

The raw material used to make the wheel stop have been formulated are resistant to all weather so that it will provide reliable performance in all its diverse climatic conditions, resistant to chemicals, including fuel and oil, durable/long life span.

Rubber Wheel Stop/Rubber Stopper Strip lined with Parking look bright at the front, so as to provide Maximum protection in the parking lot.

Car covers,

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