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Expansion Joint Pipe
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03 Mar 2020
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Specification of

Expansion Joint is one type of connection that is often used to connect a concrete bridge.

This pipeline is one of several types of connections are very often used and plays an important role in a piping system. Expansion Joint is one type of connection used to dampen the vibration caused by the pump.

Abatement of the vibration can be done by installing equipment vibration damping. Several pipeline safety equipment can not be given to excessive vibration, and therefore its use or construction. In such circumstances, the tool needs to be mounted vibration dampers.

Material or materials used for the manufacture of Expansion Joint is:
1. Iron (Iron), of sorts - that stuff is from cast iron (cast Iron) which is used for small up to the Expansion Joint metal alloys with high strength (High Straight cast metal alloy) that is used for large valve. Cast Iron should not be used for a temperature higher than 4500 F
2. Steel (Steel), this material is used for the Expansion Joint requiring high pressure and temperature
3. Stainless Steel, the material used for the Expansion Joint requiring low temperature or corrosive flow
4. Brass (Brass), Expansion with this material is used for temperatures below 4500 F and a pressure of less than 250 psi
5. Bronze (Bronze), if the temperature is greater than 5500 F, then use this material and usually have a minimum diameter of 3 inches and pressure can be greater than 330 psi
6. Fiber is used for the expansion joint, but for the architecture of the building and not for piping
7. Rubber (Rubber), is used as a connection with the elasticity of reducing vibration is very large and for low pressure

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