Rubber Dock Fender (Type Cell Fender)
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02 Jun 2021
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Specification of Rubber Dock Fender (Type Cell Fender)

Rubber Port & Dock Bearing (Cell Fender Type)


Rubber fenders or often also called dock bearing rubber are used in ports and docks, mounted on dock walls and other structures. The rubber dock fender absorbs the kinetic energy of the ship anchored and thereby prevents damage to the ship or anchored structure.

In shipbuilding, Rubber Fender is a bumper that is used to muffle collisions that occur when a ship is docked or when a ship being moored is swayed by waves or currents that occur at the harbor. To be able to do the damping, fenders usually have high energy absorption and low reaction force. Fenders are generally made of rubber, elastomeric foam, or plastic. The type of fender used depends on many variables, including the size and weight of the ship, the maximum allowable stand-off, ship structure, tidal variations, and other specified places conditions. The size of the fender is based on the ship's energy when anchored in relation to the accuracy of the anchorage speed.

Rubber Type Rubber Dock Fender / Rubber Dock Bearing:

Cylindrical Fender
The commonly used cylinder Dock Fender (Rubber Dock Bearing) ensures anchored safe and linear for various types of vessels. Cylindrical fenders are an economical solution to protect most of the berthing structures, and offer easy installation.

V Fender
Shaped like the letter V (extrusion) has a reaction force and energy absorption is better and is recommended for all types of applications. V Fender is very easy to install and maintenance free.

Cell Fender
Among all types of fenders, Cell fenders offer energy absorption reactions, shear resistance, compact structures and the capacity to absorb the same energy from all directions.

D Fender
Shaped like the letter D (extrusion) has a reaction force and energy absorpsion is good for small boats and fast boats. Suitable for company docks and small docks.

F2 Fender
Beam-shaped with a cylindrical gap along the fender, for small ports and wooden and fiber boat docks.


Using natural rubber material type (NR).



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