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Rubber Bearing Rubber Elastomer bridge or Bridge
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16 Mar 2019
1 Satuan
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Specification of

The function of Rubber Elastomer Bridge is to minimize the damage to the structure of the bridge caused by a shift in one of the invisible bridge structure and rotation that must be accommodated to protect structures and infrastructure in bridge construction and also serves to give security that accommodate a wide range of movement and rotation as well as support the weight of the structure and to transmit the load from the span over the lower part of the kebeton buffer. The cause of the palING public on the damage to the structure of the bridge components, among others, due to temperature changes, movement of traffic and braking, Shrink and rangkak, overloaded vehicles that pass through the bridge.


We provide the rubber pads of the bridge in different sizes and specifications. Received the order of the Rubber stopper, buffer and bearing pad.

We have used rubber pads on many bridges and infrastructure projects in Indonesia, including the construction of the bridge of the Sura

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