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Rubber Bearing Of Bridge
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16 Mar 2019
1 Satuan
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Specification of

Elastomer Bearing Pad (Elastomeric Rubber Bearing Pad)-a rubber cushion for construction needs.
Rubber bearing pad used as a silencer shocks, pressure, and slide on the construction of roads, bridges and building anti-earthquake.
Our products have a standard National Indonesia (SNI), and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

We provide the rubber pads of the bridge in different sizes and specifications. Receive pesanan Rubber stopper, buffer, and bearing pad.
We have used rubber pads on many bridges and infrastructure projects in Indonesia, including in the construction of the Suramadu bridge, and several infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
Serve companies and individuals serving delivery to all over indonesia.
Also public works areas, national construction companies, and individuals.


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