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Elastomer Bearing Pad
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Elastomeric Bearing Pad
Elastomer Bearing Pad or Bridge Rubber Bearing is a device that sends loads from the upper building to the lower building to accommodate the movement and displacement between the supporting pole and the concrete on the bridge. The Bearing Pad is mounted on a bridge construction to withstand simultaneous load and deformation in all directions, while also allowing for small rotation in one of the bearing axes. Rubber Bearing Pad or entirely made of rubber or can be reinforced with special steel sheets to increase capacity and strength, especially on bridges that are passed by vehicles that place a heavy burden on the bridge.

The function of the Rubber Elastomer Bearing Pad is to minimize damage to the bridge structure caused by a shift in one of the unseen and rotational bridge structures that must be accommodated to protect the structure and infrastructure of the bridge construction and also serves to provide security that accommodates various movements and rotations as well supporting the weight of the structure and for sending the load from the top span to the bottom of the buffer. Rotation occurs as a result of the deck channeling the burden to the bottom of the bridge. And some relative rotations occur in composite parts due to different properties of concrete and steel.

With the development of the bridge construction and infrastructure industry in Indonesia and the large number of requests for Elastomer Bearing Pads (Bridge Bearing Rubber) from various kinds of contractors both BUMN and Private in Indonesia to us.

Elastomer Bearing Pad is used extensively in various Bridge construction industries today. Rubber Bridge Bearings are more widely used in bridge construction, toll roads are commonly called Rubber Bearings, Bridge Bearings or Bridge Placement

Rubber Bridge Bearing (Elastomer Bearing Pad) serves as a successor to the load from the building of the bridge to the bottom of the bridge building. The main function of the Rubber Elastomer Bearing Pad is to withstand vibration or bridge loads so as to prevent direct collisions between the top and bottom concrete.

We provide Elastomer Bearing Pad in various sizes and specifications. Receive orders for Rubber loading dock, stopper, and bearing pad.

Our Bridge Rubber Bearings have been used in many bridges and infrastructure projects in Indonesia, including in the construction of the Suramadu Bridge, and several infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia, and the Middle East Country.

Serve orders and delivery throughout Indonesia.

To order an Elastomer Bearing Pad, contact us by telephone, fax, or email listed below:

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